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Authentic Barn Stone


Reclaimed, hand-chiseled foundation stones
(or as they are commonly called, Barn Stones)
are used by landscape designers in stately driveway entrances,
flower beds, retaining walls…anywhere you can envision
them to accentuate the exterior of your home.

Don’t settle for cookie-cutter, manufactured bricks, blocks, or stones.
While they may be convenient to use and (technically) “perfect,”
they simply do not compare to the magnificence of natural stone
which has been used for centuries to construct so many long-lasting
ancient monuments, artifacts, cathedrals, and cities.

The size of an individual stone may range from
approximately 100 pounds to over 1,000 pounds.

Stone can be power-washed to bring out the beauty of the natural colors.
However, many folks prefer their stone “au naturel” with the familiar
moss and lichen growth common on aged and weathered stone found in the wild.

Bring a touch of historic elegance to your next project
with hand-cut, vintage Barn Stone.



Abundant throughout New England and Eastern Canada since the early
European settlers cleared the forests for timber, "Fieldstone" is a product of farming.
When the virgin land was tilled, the fields were littered with rocks
that were moved to the edge of the fields and stacked into "Stone Walls."
Each spring, the walls were added to when the fields were plowed and
more stones were brought to the surface following the winter freeze and the spring thaw.

We’ve gathered a variety of Fieldstone colors, shapes, and sizes
that you can incorporate into your landscaping projects such as
ponds and other water features,
garden steppingstones,
the traditional stone wall,
and more.

Color varies from tan to brown to red.

Need a few stones? You can pick and choose those that “speak” to you,
or select a bundled and palletized random selection for larger projects.
The choice is up to you.

Hand-Carved Lawn & Garden Features


Visit us to see a variety of handmade, one-of-a-kind, birdbaths
that we pour our artistic heart into. These hard-wearing,
nearly indestructible, birdbaths weigh 200 pounds or more,
and can be fashioned with what we like to call a “cup holder.”
This is actually a receptacle carved out to receive a
three or four-inch planter pot, creating a stunning display when
you add a vining plant that cascades down the side of the birdbath.

We also hand-chisel some of our stones into unique, organic flower planters
that will beautifully display your plantings for seasons to come.

Give your home a true sense of permanence.
Choose that perfect stone to have your family name
or house number engraved upon.

formed stone

Large Block Stone

Large mossy stone

stone bird bath

bird bath 2

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